A Citadel In El Pilar?

There has been a new and unusual discovery at the El Pilar Maya site located at the Belize- Guatemala border. According to an article from "Popular Archaeology" a structure never observed before was found at the site last year. Archaeologist Anabel Ford from the University of California says that "We discovered a completely new component of the greater site that does not meet with any traditional expectations. It shares nothing in common with Classic Maya centers: no clear open plaza, no cardinal structure orientation, and curiously no evident relationship to the major Classic site of El Pilar." Belizean Archaeologist Melissa Badillo told us via email that the structure is referred to as a "Citadel" or fortress as we would describe it. It sits on a hill just about 600 meters away from the center of El Pilar. Badillo adds quote "This building formation is not at all typical with the usual Maya structures that we see. Atop the Citadel are four buildings which appear to be about 3-4 meters tall."